How chic are Dublin Streets?

Updated: Feb 10

So I have been doing this for just over a month now and I have to say it is not what I expected. I think Ireland has this unspoken stereotype that we are anything but stylish. Yet, when I tried to find people to photograph for my account, I did not find it difficult. It’s as if we are in a transition period, where people are starting to realise that they can dress nicely and most importantly, differently, without being heavily judged. Half of Dublin are left behind in the world of low effort leggings and hoodies, while the other half are experimenting with brightly coloured hair, vintage/thrifted clothing and different “aesthetics”. It brings me genuine happiness to see people expressing themselves unapologetically through clothing and style.

*insert cringy quote about being yourself

But seriously trend is one thing, conforming to being an exact carbon copy of the next person is different. So please remember this next time you buy something, do you actually like it? Or is it just what everyone is wearing?

Until next time,

Anon x
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