Starting a blog

Right, call me naive but I DID NOT think starting a blog would be this hard.

I first came up with the idea when I was having a conversation about how I thought that people were beginning to dress better around town. Before, our streets were plagued with the same bland, athleisure wear on every single person. The ultimate goal of every young person (me included) was to look the same as everybody else and not be noticed. But ever since the trends switched towards sustainable fashion, and vintage/ second hand items were all the rage, it was impossible for everyone to look the same. And so thankfully the concept of individuality was restored! Now you see people with cool hats, vibrantly coloured jackets, and chunky shoes. Old and untrendy is the trend.

And so I started up my instagram page to display this, and let's just say it's a lot harder than it looks. Hours upon hours spent following all the right people, and researching techniques has brought me to a grand total of..... 16 followers. I know. And at least 5 of them are robots.

But I'm going to keep on trying, even if one person who isn't me views this blog post, I will take that as a victory. And of course I will continue to take photos of people in a sort-of-creepy-but-not-meant-to-be fashion.

Until next time,

Anon xx

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